Escrow Deposits

Simplified escrow deposit services with 4 convenient ways to deliver funds.
Simplify a Complicated Part of the Real Estate Transaction

Make Remote Escrow Deposits


No more waiting on checks to be delivered to the brokers office. With the remote deposit tool, your earnest money transfer is completed electronically in minutes with everyone involved receiving an electronic receipt upon completion.


Remove the liability of storing and transporting account and routing numbers on paper earnest money checks. With the highest level of security in our industry, the remote escrow deposit tool securely transmits all data. Fully electronic, encrypted, and secure.


A few clicks and you’re done. Save time by removing the paper check from the transaction. No more driving around wasting precious time and money. We provide value and convenience to our agents and buyers.

For years, earnest money has been a complicated part of the real estate transaction, but we have set out to make a complex process simple.

Cottrell Title offers four convenient ways to deliver your deposit funds into escrow.
Note:  All deposits made within 15 days of the Closing Date and all cash-to-close for real estate transactions MUST BE WIRE TRANSFERRED to our escrow account prior to closing (ACH transfers will not be accepted).

Deliver or Mail

Deliver the escrow check payable to Cottrell Title by mail or FedEx to 5147 Castello Drive, Naples, Florida 34103.

Remote Deposits

Cottrell Title Pay powered by Paper checks and wire transfers can finally be a thing of the past with Cottrell Title Pay powered by! Now, delivering funds for your next real estate transaction is easy, safe, and quicker than ever. $150,000.00 limit per transaction. Watch the how-to video to learn more about this tool.
No more waiting on checks to be delivered to the Real Estate or Title Office. With ZOCCAM, the earnest money transfer is completed electronically in minutes with everyone involved receiving an electronic receipt.

Wire Funds

Wire funds to Cottrell Title using our Wells Fargo wiring instructions.
To prevent / limit cyber wire fraud, it is imperative that you call us and verbally confirm these instructions over the phone. Our wire instructions will not change during the closing process. If at any time you are sent new wire instructions or wire instructions from Cottrell Title, please notify our office.
Please watch the video below regarding our commitment to Inquire before you Wire.
As soon as we receive the wire/mobile check deposit, we will send you a copy of the escrow deposit receipt verification for your records.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Defining the Closing Experience

Through a blend of technology and personal touch, we provide a customer-focused closing experience.

Remote Online Notarization

Close Faster & More Efficiently.

The days of delayed mail-away closings have evaporated with Cottrell’s direct closing software integration with Documents can be executed and notarized with the client never having to leave their home or office. Yes, even if the U.S. client is out of the Country. Remote Online Notarization allows signers to electronically review, sign, and notarize real estate documents from anywhere in the world.