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Title & Escrow Services

We assist Buyers and Sellers with the closing of their real estate transactions with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We are dedicated to giving our clients the very best closing experience possible.

01. // Getting Started

The Process Begins

Our Order Entry team opens the file, provides wire instructions and remote check deposit instructions to Buyer. OE pulls information regarding the property from the property appraiser’s site, tax collector’s site, and MLS, and orders the title search, permit search, and municipal lien search, and requests zoning information from the municipality.


Getting Started

02. // Estimates & Schedule

The Processor

The Processor provides the estimated title costs and the important dates and deadlines to the client and requests that the client complete the electronic closing information worksheet, requests commission verification estoppels from the Agents, and begins collecting information required for closing the transaction and fulfilling contractual and title requirements. The Closer maintains communication with the client and agent throughout the process, whether for deposit deadlines, inspection items, or to provide status updates.


Estimates & Schedule

03. // Escrow Deposits

The Funding Team

The Funding team delivers the escrow deposit verifications to all parties on the file.


Escrow Deposits

04. // Underwriting

The Closer

Once the title search is received from the title insurance underwriter, the Closer prepares the title commitment, notifies the parties of extraordinary title defects, and begins working on the documents necessary to close and insure the transaction. If a survey is required for the transaction, the Closer reviews the survey and identify encroachments to be listed as title exceptions.  Once the estoppels are received by Cottrell, the estimated settlement statement is circulated for the parties to review, and upon approval, the Closer requests the Buyer deliver their funds to close by wire transfer. The Closer schedules the signing appointment for the client with one of our notary and signing specialists.



05. // The Closing

Executed Documents & Signatures

Whether online or in-person, the client executes their closing documents and the documents are provided for the Closer to review and approve.

Once the Closer is in a position to close and disburse the transaction, the Closer notifies all parties, provides copies of the executed documents to the client, and commences the disbursement process.  At this time, the real estate agents facilitate the release of the keys to the Buyer.


The Closing

06. // Release Funds

Funds Distribution

The Funding team disburses the transaction and provides wire transfer confirmations and/or notification once checks are ready for pickup or delivery.


Release Funds

07. // After Closing


After Closing, the title insurance policy is issued to the Buyer, and the Buyer receives an electronic copy of the recorded Warranty Deed. If there are any funds held in Escrow, the closer follows up with the parties to ensure they are appropriately disbursed after closing.


After Closing

Defining the Closing Experience

  • On every closing we provide proactive communication and offer timely solutions throughout the transaction.
  • Through a blend of best-in-class technology along with a personal touch, we provide the utmost peace of mind to Realtors and their customers.
  • Our technology helps Realtors pull mobile Seller net sheets and Buyers Closing Costs in seconds.
  • We provide remote online notarization.
  • With ZOCCAM escrow deposits are transferred electronically in minutes (no more driving around with Escrow deposits).
  • We utilize technology providing real-time closing updates to keep all parties fully informed during the closing process.

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