Educational Series

After Ian: Helping You Help Your Customers

October 20th 2022

The Closing Experience – Post Hurricane Ian Webinar

On October 20, 2022, Cottrell Title & Escrow hosted a webinar about the steps homeowners should take after a hurricane damaged their property, whether they are currently under contract, considering listing, or intending to keep their home this season.  Attached you will find slides from the presentation.  Topics included the following:

  • How does a homeowner file a claim, and how would they appeal a denial?
  • Is a homeowner required to make repairs once they receive the insurance proceeds?
  • Can a homeowner transfer an insurance claim to a Buyer?
  • What is the big deal about Assignments of Benefits?

We were fortunate to have special guest Cary Goggin, Esq. share his insight about which professionals to call first, and when it makes sense for your customers to engage counsel. Attorney Goggin was joined in a panel discussion by Attorneys Justin Cottrell and Martín Nestares, on the lessons learned from Hurricane Irma and how to apply them in a Post-Ian real estate market.